From Russia With Trucks


 Из России, С Грузовиками



It is going to take some time to get this subject up and flying. In the meantime I am starting with some photos of an only road in this particular region. Some might call it an expressway or turnpike, but others may have a different description. I have been on roads similar to these conditions, years ago in Canada; many, many years ago building pipe lines, and I know the feeling.



The Lena highway is the main road near Yakutsk in eastern Russia The distance is 1,000 km, (600 mi). During these 1,000 km you have to cross the Lena river (winter time by ice, and summer by ferryboat)



This is the FEDERAL road to Yakutsk from Nerungri, shown on the map by a directional North/South red arrow. This unpaved road is usually in fairly good condition, but each time it rains, traffic is paralyzed.



 These pictures were taken just prior to a major traffic jam of more than 600 vehicles. At some point motorists ran out of fuel and food resulting in some serious altercations.

According to the witness, one woman riding a bus heading to Moscow gave birth to a baby boy.


Making a service call before the rains.

The aftermath is shown below




Well that ends my driving shift, time to get my partner out of the bunk for his turn.


(Above right photo) Check out the 70 km speed limit. It is strictly enforced, as you can see no one is speeding.


Ladies, dress code does not apply here.


Torrential rains can change any dirt road into a quagmire in short order.



This is typical way to drive (Bulldozer & Truck) Or (Grader & car)
Here you can see Russian made grader
(itís a 6 wheel drive grader).







When all else fails, the Russians have bigger trucks for the job.



It could be worse, here is a picture taken on the Sichuan - Tibet Road in China.

It certainly is not the expressways that we are used to.




There is a Mad Max style tanker truck roaming the Russian roads. Click here and go to Page 2,