Australia's New 
World Record
Roadtrain Pull



John Atkinson, at Mungindi, took the world record for the longest Roadtrain in 2003. In 2005, Doug Gould broke that record in Kalgoorlie Western Australia, breaking Johns record last year. John was then out to regain his world record status.

Mack trucks of Australia supplied a brand new "Titan" tractor for this event, powered by a 620hp Cummins, driving  tri-axle drives. the truck was all standard equipment except for the lead trailers king pin.


I wish it to be known that the

credit for these fabulous photos goes to JOHN DENMAN of Australia.

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It was a great team effort of coordination between the volunteers, and the trucking companies who donated the use of their trailers for the big pull. There were trailers of every description in this convoy.

6 or 7 trailers at a time were brought into close position by tractors. Hooking up this train of trailers the last few feet were left to some special equipment, such as a right angle hydraulic drawbar hooked up to a backhoe to pull trailers the final few feet into connecting position.



a sponsor of the pull, and donator to the cause.



 This co-ordinated event was run like a well planned military exercise. Everyone pitched in,  donating their time and energy to a great cause.

All the money raised from this event, went to;





Heather Brodie, Mack communications manager with the police Monaro, (Australia's own ICON, a first real muscle sports coupe by HOLDEN), takes a break to have a little fun. Question? --- are these police pursuit cars there to chase down the Roadtrain if he starts speeding away?


Camera crews and interviewers are set up and are recording this event.

John Atkinson is prepped & ready to roll



With the eye in the sky and all is ready, it's Time to go for it

Because of the extreme heat, the asphalt (bitumen) had to be watered down for solid traction.



Grand Finale, the record has been shattered again.



John Atkinson is victorious again and is greeted with enthusiasm.

The Mack truck team has good reason to be jubilant, for they have just earned the bragging rights for the new world record pull for the longest Roadtrain.

Proving once again, that Mack is still one tough truck.

Oh yes, john kept his rig legal and under the posted speed limit. In the end, the chase car was not necessary.


The final tally is in;

John Atkinson from Brisbane used a single prime mover (truck tractor) to pull 112 trailers for 100 metres. The record road train stretched almost 1.5 kilometres (1 mile) in length.

A new entry in the Guinness Book of World Records.

February 18, 2006

Darling Downs town of Clifton in southern Queensland, Australia.



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These final photo credits go to......

Mick Boyce who was kind enough to send along some of his different views of the World Record Roadtrain pull.





John emerges victoriously from his record pull, being greeted by the press and a multitude of fans, of all ages.

After the disconnect he shows off his tri-axle drive Mack to a group of truck fans as well as showing off the banner taunting the previous record holder.




G'day For those of you who know John Atkinson from his Record Road Train pull (still current) passed away on Tuesday (3rd may 2011) The cancer he had been battling for more than a decade finally beat him. I could only describe him as a true gentleman. RIP John. --- Mick Boyce.








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