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I have been asked many times on how to apply for Truck Driving work in Canada. Rather than answer them all individually, I will attempt to compile some basic information as how to approach this question. If what I have listed here is not enough, you may contact me and I will try to assist you in your research.



If you are from outside of Canada, you may want to check the federal immigration requirements first. There are various employment permits, such as, seasonal work, permanent work, or just to visit Canada to explore the possibilities. These links to Citizenship and Immigration Canada, should start you off on the right track.

---   http://www.cic.gc.ca/english/index.asp    ---

---  http://www.cic.gc.ca/english/work/apply-who.asp    ---



There has been a great interest from around the world about applying for work on Canada's famous Northern Ice Roads. It seems that there are many truckers looking for the ultimate driving challenge. One must realize that this type of work is NOT for the faint of heart. These web sites should give you a start, and point you in the right direction.



First and foremost now in the Northwest Territories is Westcan Bulk Transport, who set high safety standards for trucking on the ice roads. You will be required to go through a rigorous orientation program before starting the season. They have just recently revamped their web site to give you all their information on one address ---

Click here and go direct   ---   http://westcanbulk.openopp.ca/view_all   ---   This site will give you a complete description of the company's work opportunities.

For drivers looking to work on the Ice Roads, Westcan Bulk Transport is now your connection, click on the link below and go direct.

---  http://westcanbulk.openopp.ca/job/winter-road-ice-road-truck-drivers-wanted/522   ---




LANDTRAN SYSTEMS INC. --- Is a group of trucking companies accumulated under one roof. One of those companies in particular is BYERS TRANSPORT, who has been involved in the Ice Road service since JOHN DENISON'S exploits in the 1950's & 1960's. These links will take you directly to LANDTRANS careers & employment opportunities. This will cover info for 6 trucking companies.

---   http://www.landtran.com/  --- Job opportunities.

---   http://www.landtran.com/careers/   ---  Career opportunities.



For ice road information these addresses are a start for your research. To better know what you are getting into, the government of the province of MANITOBA has issued a guideline in the use of these roads. I highly recommend you to study this page before going any farther.

---   http://www.gov.mb.ca/mit/winter/index.html   ---



There are other opportunities for trucking in CANADA, such as highway long haul. It could be coast to coast in CANADA or north-south runs into the UNITED STATES.

There are various ways to get help in applying. One must check out offers of assistance very carefully when applying to job brokers overseas. You really should shop around for the cost of such service before committing yourself. A friend of mine in England had just received his green card to work in the United States. The process cost thousands of dollars and took a little less than 5 years. Investigate any and all services thoroughly.

I will start here with an offer from the government of Saskatchewan, Canada, from temporary work to permanent status.

---   www.saskimmigrationcanada.ca/trucker   ---



BIG FREIGHT SYSTEMS, of Steinbach, Manitoba, Canada. --- In co-operation with the Manitoba Government will assist foreign truck drivers to come and work in Canada.

---   www.bigfreight.com/big-freight-drivers.php   ---

This trucking company has been around a long time and is fully established in the North American transport market.



H & R TRANSPORT (Refrigerated service throughout Canada & the USA) is looking for prospective long distance drivers in particular, from Holland. Others may be considered. To contact the company web site, go to;

---   www.hrtrans.com   ---

For sending a resume, ---   VRV Immigration services, ---   akooistra@vrv.ca   ---   www.vrv.ca   ---



Four Canadian truckers web sites are listed here, that will give you a good idea as to what is happening in the transport industry. ---

---   http://www.overtheroad.ca/   ---                                                       OVER THE ROAD

---   http://www.canadiantruckers.com/map.html   ---                        CANADIAN TRUCKERS

---   http://www.trucknews.com/   ---      (careers section)                    TRUCK NEWS

---   http://www.pro-truckermagazine.com/   ---                                    PRO TRUCKER MAGAZINE   (WESTERN CANADA)

---   http://www.ontariotruckingnews.com/  ---                                      ONTARIO TRUCKING NEWS



Various provincial or district TRUCKING ASSOCIATIONS, such as the OTA of the province of Ontario can supply all drivers licensing and various endorsements information that is required to drive and/or operate in Canada.

---   http://www.ontruck.org/   ---



NOTICE of disclaimer; --- It must be understood that I am a born CANADIAN and have never had to immigrate to CANADA. The information compiled here was accumulated for assisting you in the direction for trucking in Canada. It can be readily obtained by searching the world wide web. I have no idea of the expense, and time involved in accomplishing a venture such as this. Please explore all possibilities thoroughly before committing yourself to this project, financially, or physically. ---



COMMENT (March 04, 2009) --- There have been numerous questions on entering Canada for work. This recession is a world wide phenomenon, and is affecting everyone. In Canada the situation is more stable than most other affected countries. The Canadian government has posted a warning concerning applications for entry into Canada. Unfortunately, some newcomers are victims of scams - duped by immigration fraud artists who feed on the dreams of prospective immigrants.

Canada allows thousands to enter every year. If you have an interest in coming here yourself, it is suggested that you deal directly with the Canadian Government. This scam problem is described in detail on the Canada Government Web Site. (Click on link and go direct,) --- "Becoming Canadian: Combating immigration fraud"--- A video is included on the page. Make sure you do your thorough research before handing out any money.



This information is just a start. I will be investigating more opportunities as time goes by, and then will post them on this page for your perusal. Hopefully this information will assist you in someway to decide on your future plans concerning coming to, and trucking in CANADA.

In the meantime, you take care; drive safe, and good luck in your venture.


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