Welcome to my web site! This is a page about Trucking, — My 50 years and millions of miles over the road, along with stories and photos from that time in my life. To some, it may not be of interest, but to others it may fascinate. To me it was a great experience, and I would not change it… Read more →

Ice Roads

The Northern Territories & Provinces of Canada have a unique winter trucking program that is unparalleled in the world. In the harsh environment of -30 to -70 degrees Fahrenheit below zero, (not counting any wind chill factor) men build highways of ice into the Arctic Tundra. I must mention here in this day and age of metric, -40 below Zero… Read more →

Roadtrain Record

Australia’s New World Record Roadtrain Pull John Atkinson, at Mungindi, took the world record for the longest Roadtrain in 2003. In 2005, Doug Gould broke that record in Kalgoorlie Western Australia, breaking Johns record last year. John was then out to regain his world record status. Mack trucks of Australia supplied a brand new “Titan” tractor for this event, powered… Read more →